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Feb 18

Connecting with the Latina Mother

by MedleyBrainCandy


Cynthia Murga, Senior Account Executive

Marketers are now well aware of the Hispanic buying power, but they have also discovered the power of the Latina Mother. A study in 2013 showed that in the Hispanic culture the Latinas are the primary decision makers in the household. As a Latina woman and mother this study resonates with me personally. Growing up and even now in my own household, my decisions are valued and whether it’s my child’s education, …

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Dec 29

Looking Back, Looking Ahead; A Letter from Medley President/CEO Ashley Small

by MedleyBrainCandy


Dear friends,

As we countdown to the final hours of 2014, I’d like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to each and every one of you for your continued support through the years. Can you believe we turned five this year?! I’m still in awe.

Yet here we are, and there’s much to look forward to and much that’s worth “soft bragging” about.

What excites me the most is seeing the culmination of all of the hard work that takes place behind the scenes. I’d like to …

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Nov 24

Must-Have Black Friday Apps and Gadgets

by MedleyBrainCandy


From online shopping, to digital ads and instant cash rewards delivered via mobile apps, the shopping experience will never be the same. Last Saturday, Medley President Ashley Small shared her top picks for Black Friday savings apps and must-have gadgets on Fox 26. Before you hit the stores on Friday, plan ahead with these apps and gadgets:

1. Cartwheel by Target

  • Ditch print coupons and weekly ads for Cartwheel’s mobile, money-saving app.
  • Leading up to Black Friday, Cartwheel is offering 50 percent off a different toy every …
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Jun 26

Can Snapchat Be Used For Small Businessess?

by MedleyBrainCandy

Snapchat is an innovative messaging app that allows users to send short, 10 second snippets of videos and photos to friends and family. Mostly used to send unedited selfies and silly videos, it can also be beneficial to small businesses trying to reach out to a younger demographic.

Last year, October of 2013, snapchat released a new feature: Snapchat Stories. With this feature, you can compile as many photos and videos as you want into one large “story” that stays …

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May 02

How-to Perfect a Cold Call

by MedleyBrainCandy


Let’s admit it. We’ve all been on the receiving side of a phone call from a person that we have never heard of nor seen in our life, but they surely know everything about us, enough to sell us something at least. How the conversation goes depends on how you feel about what their requesting and their delivery. A majority of us respond well to people who are to the point with a warm, inviting tone. Now, this method won’t always work, but 9 times out of 10, …

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Mar 27

Dear Blogger…

by MedleyBrainCandy


Let’s face it,  whether traditional media likes it or not,  blogs are here to stay!  From tiny blogs with 100 page views a month, to personal blogs written by individuals who have become their own brands, to large blogs that have taken on a life of their own, bringing in more advertising dollars than traditional print media; blogs and bloggers aren’t going anywhere, and therefore should be a part of any effective public relations campaign.  However, bloggers and blogs can not be approached in the same manner of traditional media, …

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Mar 20

Create a Winning Story, Build a Winning Brand

by MedleyBrainCandy


(Tiana Parker sharing her story of courage and being fearless at the Dove Skincare Self-Esteem Weekend)

As humans, we inherently have the desire to be a part of something unique and interesting. Success stories are much more inspiring when they involve a point of struggle and hardship.

The same principle is applied to branding. Take the shoe brand TOMS Shoes for example. While I admit to initially thinking they weren’t quite my cup of tea, I and thousands of people around the world quickly became …

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Mar 06

Delivering the Message Matters: Becoming Your Client’s Spokesperson

by MedleyBrainCandy

Cynthia Murga Medley Inc Spokesperson Blog

In many occasions PR professionals find themselves having to step in for their client’s media needs, and in instances becomes a spokesperson. The spokesperson is often the face of the company and the brand, so it’s important to remember that becoming the messenger really matters in order to deliver a consistent message of a specific brand, service, product or event.

Working with Medley-Inc., I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stories of …

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Feb 20

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Publicist?

by MedleyBrainCandy


Several months ago when I landed my first job in PR, I was excited, anxious and eager, all at the same time. I knew it would challenge in me in new ways, while also providing a sense of fulfillment, because, let’s be honest; post-college it’s not easy landing a job in the industry. Now, five months later I’ve been able to grow as professional, publicist and I’ve been challenged in ways that I never imagined. I love …

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