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Dec 14

Building a “Likeable” Personal Brand

by MedleyBrainCandy

Kim Coles at Natural Resources Salon
Kim Coles at Natural Resources Salon

Kim Coles at Natural Resources Salon

Did you know a recent survey showed that 30% of companies now use social media and Google for their screening process? So a Facebook wall filled with messages of angst and pessimism leaves an ugly impact that may eventually affect one’s future negatively.

Brand yourself the right way and avoid the dreadful implications that social media can bring to people with “socially impaired” profiles. These tips can help you get started:

1. Represent yourself in a positive light

If your goal is to make yourself and your expertise known then do it the right way. Build a profile that will highlight your best points in an honest-to-goodness fashion. Be authentic but don’t forget your manners. Soon enough you will increase your visibility in the social media circle and build connections that will open up more doors of opportunities.

2. Treat others well

To build a successful personal brand, you should be likeable. Treat people just as you would in the real world, because what works in the real world definitely works in social media. Be careful with your posts and avoid politically incorrect remarks. What may seem funny to you might offend some people so think before you hit that submit button.

3. Be generous

Share what you know best. Social media primarily exists because of this.The more you share, the more followers you gain, the more people will listen to you and will take you seriously as an expert in your field. It’s also a sign that you are generous and your personal brand exists because you want to help rather than just self-promote. Share links, videos, photos, and blog posts that you find useful. Upload demo videos on YouTube and answer questions. You have a big audience out there and sharing your passion with them works best all the time.

Remember that your online presence is your new resumé and you should do everything in your power to protect it. Work your way towards making it a reflection of your good side.

Happy Branding!

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