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Jan 05

We’re a Pinnin’…You Should Too!

by MedleyBrainCandy

Medley Pinterest

Considering our client base is comprised of 90% women, we naturally were excited about the potential thrills, joy and reach, of course- of Pinterest- which has a user base of more than 80% female users. However, we’re never quick to invest time and energy into the latest trends in social media, so we gave it a while to see if this would be the real deal.

Fast forward to 2013, and the lady lovin’ website and mobile app has reached more than 70 million users, attracting on average 1,090 visitors per minute with growth faster than any social network in herstory (see what we did there?).

So we finally gave it a go last spring and we now share daily tidbits, inspiration, artspiration and more on the Medley boards. It’s a highly coveted five minutes of our day.

The folks at Pinterest have a pretty insightful and yes, pretty blog. Here’s their top tips to help you understand the how and why of consumer pinning:

1. Aspiration: the moment you get inspired to pursue a specific interest (say, taking up golf)

2. Anticipation: the phase where people look into the interest and start prepping to actually do it (like, researching golf clubs).

3. Participation: (this is the fun part!) when people actually participate in the interest they’ve decided to pursue (like, playing nine holes at a local course)

4. Reflection: where people reflect on the activity, maybe by taking a photo and framing it or sharing it on a social network

“Pinterest is most often used in the first three stages, and the most successful businesses on our service help people along the journey. They create and curate inspiring content, make it easy to add inspirational and useful Pins from their website and write thoughtful Pin and board descriptions so people can find what they’re looking for.

Marketing on Pinterest isn’t about interrupting people or blasting out brand messages. It’s about identifying how your business fits in with a person’s interests and becoming part of how they pursue and participate in that interest. The businesses that do that well are bound for Pinterest success.”

— Kevin Knight, currently Pinning to Fly Fishing

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