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Jan 16

Brain Candy for Biz Workshops Return: 3 Lessons Learned

by MedleyBrainCandy


Entrepreneurship is the greatest adventure and one of life’s most bittersweet journeys. Mostly because we’re often required to learn through trial and error, and error, and error…you get the point, right?

Well after two years, three different host locations and the chance to meet almost 100 small business owners, I’m thinking I finally got it right with my workshops. The public response has been positive overall, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help others succeed. I can’t help but break dance (in my head), when I see a past workshop attendee implementing some of the tips and tricks I shared.

That said, here are my three tips for workshop planning…oh, and you can sign up for my first one this year by clicking here (shameless plug).

  1. Define your niche.  Let’s face it, everyone’s a “Social Media Expert” these days. I say this not to be cynical, but to state a plain fact. Most marketers have adapted to the shift and it’s actually a good thing. I quickly learned during my workshops that most people want to get the entire Medley experience. So this year, I’m incorporating social media for PR and branding too.
  2. Give yourself 24 hours to breathe. As a former event planner, I tend to be a bit neurotic when it comes to planning…anything. Sometimes I find myself spending several hours deciding on a menu, over-thinking a format and more than anything, wondering if I need to add more information to the workshop. I’ve learned to finalize all details 24 hours in advance.
  3. Don’t hike up your prices. I experimented last year, and went up to $100 (originally $75). Mostly due to the fact that the event planner in me aspires to always have adorable snacks and healthy bites. That part of me hasn’t changed, but with a new office comes a permanent hosting venue which eliminates a great deal of the expenses. Oh, and research shows that to consumers, the price point of $100 just lacks charm.

I do recommend hosting workshops and webinars because you’re usually able to help someone who may not quite be ready for a retainer commitment or they just haven’t decided if you’re a good fit for their organization. That’s totally okay.

So go forth and workshop my friends. Always taking questions on Twitter at @ashleyrsmall.


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