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Feb 20

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Publicist?

by MedleyBrainCandy


Several months ago when I landed my first job in PR, I was excited, anxious and eager, all at the same time. I knew it would challenge in me in new ways, while also providing a sense of fulfillment, because, let’s be honest; post-college it’s not easy landing a job in the industry. Now, five months later I’ve been able to grow as professional, publicist and I’ve been challenged in ways that I never imagined. I love my job, but I’m here to demystify a few things.

A lot of people think the lives of publicists are all glitz and glam, but what they fail to realize is that we are the ultimate spokesperson for our clients. We are on the clock 24/7 looking for media and sponsorship opportunities. Being a publicist is fun, but it is also hard work. My hours of work are from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., but I never leave at that time because I am consistently looking for opportunities for clients, until the office closes. A publicist never clocks out.

One tool that has worked  for me in this industry is my bubbly personality. I am a likeable person. I smile and engage with people, eventually turning it into a conversation. Have you figured out what tools work for you? Creating a list of your strengths  and weaknesses can help you discover what tool you should use at all times to help you meet your goals. Being strategic, dedicated and autonomous has helped me be successful in accomplishing my goals.

Below are a couple of  things that has helped me progress in my public relations career and that can help you figure out if you’re ready for this industry:

1. Intern, Intern, Intern- First, intern with a PR company before applying. Doing an internship will help you learn the firm’s core values, work ethic, and target demographic. This will be your true test to see if you can make it in this fast-paced industry.

2. Research, Research, Research – It’s always good to know what’s going on in your industry and to see how you can act on any hot trend, eventually growing your client’s brand. Learning about the present, past, and future trends can make you more knowledgeable, eventually making you look like an expert.

3. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate – Communication skills are a must in any industry. You have to be able to pitch your client on the spot, when an opportunity presents itself. You never want to obtain someone’s interest and then lose it because you weren’t able to deliver your thoughts.

These are just three tips I know that worked for me, and that I am still working on to become a better publicist. What are some things that you’re working on to succeed in the field of public relations?


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