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Mar 06

Delivering the Message Matters: Becoming Your Client’s Spokesperson

by MedleyBrainCandy

Cynthia Murga Medley Inc Spokesperson Blog

In many occasions PR professionals find themselves having to step in for their client’s media needs, and in instances becomes a spokesperson. The spokesperson is often the face of the company and the brand, so it’s important to remember that becoming the messenger really matters in order to deliver a consistent message of a specific brand, service, product or event.

Working with Medley-Inc., I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stories of some of our clients with media outlets like Univision/Unimas right here in Houston.

How can you become the best spokesperson when the job requires it? Below I have included several tips on ways to being a good spokesperson:

  • Know your client and their brand. Make sure you know everything about the client or event that you will be interviewed about. Being over prepared is always best to make sure the message gets delivered accurately and with poise. Do your homework and research information that’s not included in the talking points.

  • Be authentic. The audience will be more accepting if they are able to connect with you. Being honest and true to yourself and the brand will create authenticity for your audience and the connection can be instant.

  • Brush up on other languages. This will always be a great benefit. Many growing companies still may not have a bilingual speakers within their organization, but if they want to target the multicultural audience it can be done with your help.

At Medley Inc., we have stepped in to be the necessary messenger for clients’ brands, products, services, and events, ensuring that our clients can reach all possible markets through a qualified spokesperson.

Watch my most recent Univision/Unimas interview here.

What are your tips for being a better spokesperson?

-Cynthia Murga

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