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Mar 20

Create a Winning Story, Build a Winning Brand

by MedleyBrainCandy


(Tiana Parker sharing her story of courage and being fearless at the Dove Skincare Self-Esteem Weekend)

As humans, we inherently have the desire to be a part of something unique and interesting. Success stories are much more inspiring when they involve a point of struggle and hardship.

The same principle is applied to branding. Take the shoe brand TOMS Shoes for example. While I admit to initially thinking they weren’t quite my cup of tea, I and thousands of people around the world quickly became inspired by their story and, in turn became consumers (Yep, I was shamelessly rockin’ some Toms).

The story of TOMS is not just a simple tale of being inspired and possessing a strong will to change the world. It’s a story with action. Rare action. It looked something like this:

American Guy+Foreign Country+Barefoot Children=

Buy a Pair, Child Gets a Pair….pretty soon over 10,000 children get a pair.

This story alone defined the brand more than any style, shape or color of shoe they would go on to create.

We’re now in an era where consumers want to know that they genuinely connect with a brand. As personal brands become increasingly more popular, so will corporate brand building. While “all that jazz,” may be pleasing to the eye, what’s beyond the surface is what will inspire long, enduring consumer to business relationships.

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  1. Totally love this– the Tom’s company was super smart to market their little shoes this way!

  2. Aubrey says:

    I need a WINNING story!! I birthed 2 kids in 53 weeks…that’s gotta count for something!! ;)

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